【Ninety Age】



A weighty criticism forum records the changes & critical situations of Chinese world in the late 30 years of 20th century

Databank “Ninety Age ” contains 29-year content, 340 issues. Founded in 1990, Hong Kong, “Ninety Age Magazine” deserves being honored as the very weighty criticism forum over Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

During the two decades, 1970-1990, while these three Chinese places were still dominated by autocracies, “Ninety Age Magazine” fully produced marked effects of independent public opinions. All the intellectuals’ articles that can not be recognized and published in general political magazines are contributed to “Ninety Age Magazine”. For example, Lei Chen’s Memoirs, the secret documents of Beautiful-Island Trial “Lin Yee Shung’s memorandum”, democrats’ articles of Mainland China, such as Wang Si Zhe, Wang Jung Tao, Liu Been Yen, can be published only in “Ninety Age Magazine”. Meanwhile, only it wishes to report and comment in details and accuracy all the events of Taiwanese opposition party and political lawsuits.

Japanese mass media usually cities its reports, and regards it as “symbol of Hong Kong” “precious existence”. Its founder Lee Yi was frequently invited and covered by the most authoritative media in Japan. “Ninety Age Magazine” collects plentiful works from many senior and professional media workers, political and cultural commentators. Many people esteem it the most valued and influential periodical, by which so the descendants can just understand the last 30-year Chinese world very well.