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"United Digital Publications Co., Ltd. " (UDP, Taiwan) was founded in 1997. It always publishes databases, E-books and E-learning lessons of Chinese features or Taiwanese uniqueness. UDP is one of the few digital publishers who owns innovate technology, copyright of content and global marketing channels simultaneously in Taiwan. It cultivates deeply the fields of Sinology, humanities and social sciences, and focuses on deep-knowledge, high-quality, elaborate publications. While constantly unearthing, reorganizing the valuable literature for global markets, finding rare content, visiting excellent authors around the world, UDP creatively extracts, digitally edits and converts all the sophisticated, serious knowledge into popular publications of highly added value and more suitable for practical business application.

In the past 19 years, UDP has developed 25 large/middle Chinese databases, processed 2 billion characters, and sold goods to more than 100 sinological institutes, 13 countries around the world, and 1000 libraries globally. In Taiwan area, UDP had covered 70% of all institution/university customers, and 100% of all public/private library. UDP ever won some prizes, including "The National Technology Progress Award" (in China, 1998), "The Innovation Award of Digital Publication" and nominated on "The Golden Tripod Award" by Government Information Office, and "Digital-Content Product Award" by Industry Bureau separately (in Taiwan, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011).

From 2009 on, UDP developed the globally exclusive technology "Full-Text Search, Key-Word Highlight across database on PDF". Meanwhile, it cooperated with Academia Sinica and National Library in Taiwan to finish databases of "Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology "(IHP) and database of "Chinese Studies". Including historiography, anthropology, archeology, linguistics, Chinese paleography, philology, and Chinese historical phonology. These two databases have the most difficult characters and are the toughest digitization works of Chinese database so far. 

In 2011, UDP's "Sinica Sinoweb" (SSW, cooperated with Academia Sinica) won the subsidy from Taiwan Digital Archives Program. Meanwhile, UDP's "Classical-Art-Literature-Magazines Database" also won Industry-Incentive subsidy from Taipei City Government. From 2012 on, UDP cooperates with Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop unique "Content Advance as a Servive (CAasS) on full-text-search e-Books platform", Ya! Read, in Taiwan. Ya! Read is an innovative, three-in-one platform to produce and market books, e-Books and databases. It aims at popularizing sinological classics so to communicate with internet friends of Sinosphere. Meanwhile, Ya! Read creates original content and tolerates multi-culture viewpoints to share with online friends via mobile carriers and clouds. It also hopes to suit both refined and popular tastes. 

In late 2015, in order to meet customers’ demand, UDP further published “Top 100 Taiwan Journals Search” to combine Sinica Sinoweb with outstanding public praise. In the future, UDP would cooperate with celebrated presses from China, integrate Taiwanese and Chinese literatures with digitization technology, so to advance Chinese culture to shine on international scene!

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  1. Databank . e-Book . Digital Map . E-Learning Publications
  2. Agent of International Publications
  3. Outsourcing of Digital Projects
  4. International digital copyright / content authorization exchange

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