【Biaodien Gujin Tushu Jicheng】


The Great Encyclopedia of Chinese Civilization

The greatest encyclopedia of Chinese civilization in the world, the Biaodien Gujin Tushu Jicheng database (標點古今圖書集成), published by UDP in Taiwan, is not only the first punctuated version of its kind, but also the most popular digital version.  The database features full-text and full-image content, a clear and concise interface, a fast and precise search, and all search words are highlighted in the text.  More than 100 institutions and famous universities around the world subscribe to the database.

Gujin Tushu Jicheng’s length is 4 times the size of The Great Britain Encyclopedia and unites Chinese cultural heritage of 5,000 years. It gathers all the most important classics from ancient China to Ching Dynasty, including, astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economy, art, education, agriculture, fishing, medicine and others. People admire it with the good name—Encyclopedia of the Great Ching Dynasty. It is also the biggest and greatest classified books collection of China. UDP incorporated 40 Chinese scholars to digitize and punctuate all of its full text and reserved full images. Users can search whole text by any word or term and get the data and the original edition pages for comparison in seconds.

The first printed edition of Gujin Tushu Jicheng was published in 1726, but had been used by very few people until today. That is for lack of better printing skills and storing media. Even China Bookstore re-published it, the high price is another difficulty for people to purchase. These problems indeed hinder cultural communication. Now, UDP published the digital version that is not only easy to read and store, but also easy to purchase for people. For communication of Chinese culture, the database indeed creates a great and amazing contribution in history.