【Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection】


Throughout 4700 years

700 calligraphers

4014 calligraphic models

1.7 million characters in various forms

Winning the Digital Publication Innovation Award in 2006

As an award-winning archive, Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection integrates the digital search engine with traditional calligraphic dictionaries. It collects the most renowned calligraphists’ handwritings, stone rubbings and inscriptions from Chinese successive Dynasties for 4700 years, including ancient Yin-Shang, Qin, Han, Wei-Jin Nan-Bei Zhao, Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, and the handwritten scriptures of Dunhuang Caves. Within its extensive collection, there are 700 calligraphers, 4014 calligraphic models, and 1.7 million characters in various forms. Thanks to UDP’s exclusive technology and careful editing, researchers can even search the rare pictograms from ancient period which are hardly found in other archives. Besides, it contains 2 sub-databases---“Single-Character Databank” and “Work-Fulltext Databank”. The former retains the original look, charm and feeling of each character, which is a great reference for design and artistic research. Meanwhile, the latter allows researchers to compare different calligraphers’ work styles from different Dynasties promptly and easily via UDP’s search engine. Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection won “the Innovation Prize of Digital publication”, awarded by Taiwanese government.