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The Complete Treasures of Chinese Fine Arts

5000-year Encyclopedia of Chinese Arts

Catalogue & Content Summary of 50 CD-Roms►►►

The Complete Treasure of Chinese fine Arts on CDR contains 50,000 topmost works of art of ancient China to Ching Dynasty, including royal delicates and folk paintings that are collected very extensively and possesses the superior quality and quantity of international level. The CDR has lower price and higher academic value than original books.50 CDs totally, it gathers 15,000 exquisite pictures that are photographed according to their originals and have many partial features in different angles that can be enlarged to appreciate. When photographing some ancient temples, monasteries, graves and stone caves, the photographers and editors must come to remote and waste mountains, precipices and overhanging cliffs. Every category of this CDR collects some professional articles commenting deeply on the historical evolution, art characteristic and artist’s introduction of the pictures included. In addition, music, animation, oral explanation and VCR are joined in the CDR, so the effect of which is as lively as staying in a museum for users.


The CDR is divided into 5 categories: paintings, calligraphy and seal cutting, sculpture, architecture and craft. In the categories of sculpture art and architecture art, the renowned classical works of all the past Chinese dynasties are collected, including stone cave sculpture, temple and monastery sculpture, tomb sculpture, palace architecture, mausoleum architecture, religious architecture, civilian architecture, altar and court architecture. In the category of craft art, the most famous and finest wares of pottery, porcelain, bronze, jade and lacquer in ancient China are gathered. In short, the CDR possesses the most precious and valuable firsthand historical data worthy of referring by scholars and researchers.