【Lionart Databank】


(1971 -- 1996

●Recording 1971-1996 history of Taiwan's art.

●4000 Chinese artists’ out-of- print works revive in digital form.

●44 million characters, 30000 articles, 68000 pictures, 10000 pages of nostalgic advertisement, and 12220 vocabulary entries.

●Value-added notes based on Chinese Art Dictionary, Western Art Dictionary, Taiwanese Art Yearbook.

●Winning the subsidy of Cultural & Creative Industry from Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.  

●Elected as the Digital Content product Award in 2011.

(bestowed by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan)


Recording 1971-1996 history of Taiwan's art, Lionart Monthly was ever the most powerful magazine and hot platform that many artistic workers rushed to contribute works to. It has fostered many outstanding characters of artistic circles in Chinese areas for 1/4 centuries. Lionart Databank is honored to get the visual-art subsidy from Taiwan's Ministry of Culture and nominated "Digital Content Product Awards" of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs separately in 2011. The Databank collects 44 million characters, 30000 articles/commentaries/albums, 68000 pictures, 10000 pages of rare, nostalgic advertisement, and 12220 vocabulary entries. Most of which are exclusive historical data on Taiwan art. It contains 307 issues of Lionart Monthly Magazine, 3 classical bestsellers "Chinese Art Dictionary", "the Western Art Dictionary" and "Taiwanese Art Yearbook". Including vocabulary, artists'/ artistic workers' brief biographies and chronicles, these 12220 entries come from these 3 reference books above and are integrated into the databank for additional annotation and supplementary information for users' deeper understanding. Briefly, the databank features plentiful content of culture, classical articles of art, and convenient value-added functions.