【Modern China Databank】

 ( 近代中國 )


5000 articles, 49300 figures, 

40520 historical events & institutions


Founded by Kuomintang Party History Commission, “Modern China magazine” is always renowned for plenty of Republic history, Revolutionary Martyrs archives and Revolutionary documents of China. While other historic academic journals of its kind regard discourse and comment as important, Modern China peerlessly exposes first-hand historic materials of Kuomintang authority, reveals the “oral history” of main actors or their relatives of Republic history, and combines exclusive archives and historic research. Which are really its precious and unique features.

Including 5000 articles in these 29 years, Modern China magazine usually sponsors and hosts international academic seminars, members of which and magazine’s articles contributors come from Mainland China, Koreas, Japan, Hong Kong in addition to Taiwan. Ever holding the reins of Taiwan’s government for 60 years, Kuomintang takes great efforts to close to Taiwanese mainland, and designs many special Taiwanese and Chinese reports and cover stories in Modern China magazine. And historians regard most of which as classical masterpieces.