【Modern China Database】

 ( 近代中國 )


4900 articles,

157 issues,48200 figures, 

38000 historical events & institutions


Founded by the Chinese Kuomintang, Modern China Magazine (which ran from March 1977 until December 2005) is renowned for its coverage of Chinese Republican history, archives of Revolutionary Martyrs and Revolutionary documents of China. While other historic academic journals of its kind regard discourse and comment as important, Modern China peerlessly exposes first-hand authoritative historic materials of the Kuomintang, revealing the “oral history” in the Republican period, and combining exclusive archives and historic research.  Including 4,902 articles, 163 issues, 48,200 figures, 38,000 institutions and historical events in its 29 year run, Modern China frequently sponsored and hosted international academic seminars. Members and contributors came from Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong as well as Taiwan.