【Taiwan Wenxian Congkan】

( 台灣文獻叢刊 )

( the Encyclopedia of Taiwan )

(In the right picture above, Jame Soong, the chairman of People First Party in Taiwan, presented Ching- Hua University this databank that represents Taiwan's spirit and culture well in his public speech during his peace trip. It is extracted from China News website, 2005/5/11)

the sole full-text/full-image version of its kind

 Based on the Taiwan Wenxian Congkan, (edited by Chou, Hsien-Wen周憲文, former Dean of the Law School, National Taiwan University, and published by The Bank of Taiwan), the database of the same name from UDP is the sole full- text and full-image version of this content. Containing the most frequently used works by scholars of Taiwan studies, the database can be called “the Encyclopedia of Taiwan.” It is made up of 309 books, 48 million characters, and incorporates local histories and official documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties, including the short-lived Southern Ming. Also included are poems and private collections, many of which are sole copies and out-of-print books. Covering topics from the Tang dynasty to the Japanese occupation period, the documents are gathered from not only local libraries, but also overseas libraries from Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, Great Britain and the Netherlands. From the Taiwanese viewpoint, the database records a whole variety of dimensions of Taiwan, including the historical development of individual districts, the evolution of cities, the deeds of individual people, local customs and culture. It is indeed the largest collection on the history of Taiwan in the Chinese language. 

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