【Taiwan Wenxian Congkan】

台灣文獻叢刊 )

(Taiwan Literature Series)

(In the right picture above, Jame Soong, the chairman of People First Party in Taiwan, presented Ching- Hua University this databank that represents Taiwan's spirit and culture well in his public speech during his peace trip. It is extracted from China News website, 2005/5/11)

A Valuable Reference

It takes 15 years to give birth of this. Historians and scholars worked day and night to abstract important data and information from more than thousands of books. The data collection is of great value to whoever is interested in the studies of Taiwan.

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Encyclopedia of Taiwan

In recent years, researches on Taiwan's history have drawn tremendous attention. There is a great demand for Taiwan's historical data and documents. Based on the Taiwan Literatures Series, edited by Chou, Hsien-Wen, former Dean of Law School, National Taiwan University, this databank—Encyclopedia of Taiwan—is designed to meet this demand. It has been the most frequently used databank of this sort since its launch to the market. The Encyclopedia of Taiwan contains 595 books, and accounts for 48 millions of Chinese characters, and are divided into 309 categories. It is indeed the largest collections of Taiwan's history in the Chinese language.

Broadness and In-Depth

This databank incorporates local histories, official documents of Ming, Chin Dynasties as well as Nan-Ming . Also included are poems and private collections, many of which are sole copies and out-of-print books. Encyclopedia of Taiwan covers a time span from Tang Dynasty to the Japanese occupation period. Data and information are gathered from not only local libraries, but also libraries of Japan, the USA, Hong Kong, the Great Britain and Netherlands. Encyclopedia of Taiwan is a databank that covers a whole variety of dimensions of Taiwan, including, in addition to history, geography, local customs, politics, economy, sociology, laws and culture. It is the most complete historical Encyclopedia of Taiwan.

Unique Features

Accompanied with this databank is a powerful searching engine with Boolin-Logic ambiguous consulting function, which guarantees that the user would not miss any valuable information. There is even more. To be user-friendly, there are two unique features: “classifying management” and “consulting management”, through which users can easily set data files by themselves to manage and edit all the data found.

Full Text and Full Images

In this databank, 48 millions characters are displayed page by page with the original images, so that the readers can do their comparison easily. One can also execute full-text retrieval, editing, and printing on this databank. All these can be done in not days, but seconds. It is like a transit system for the Taiwan studies.