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【Taiwan Journals Search】



Expanding on the success of Sinica Sinoweb (中研院經典人文庫), “Taiwan Journals Search” (臺灣人社百刊) has collected more than 280 journals from the humanities & social sciences and continues to add new titles. Among those, more than 140 journals are in the most respected journal-appraisal lists in Taiwan: the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI), and the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI).  Differing from other alternatives from Taiwan, Taiwan Journals Search excludes non-academic periodicals, focusing on only the best from Taiwan. Taiwan Journals Search is purely scholar-oriented and able to meet researchers demands precisely.  TJS can be called “the greatest collection of Chinese studies/Sinology from the Taiwanese perspective.”

  • The sole full-text searchable database of its kind from Taiwan.

  • Collect more than 280 Taiwan journals on humanities & social sciences.

  • More than 140 journals were selected in the most credible journal-appraisal list of Taiwan, TSSCI (Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index), THCI Core (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index), and THCI (Humanities Citation Index).

  • Nearly all the journals of humanities in the database are complete, from the first issue to present (1967--present).

  • Purely scholar-oriented and hit the researchers’ demand precisely.

  • The greatest collection of China studies/Sinology based on Taiwanese viewpoint.

  • Simple, clear interface of English simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese version.