【Wealth Magazine】



Witnessing the rising history of Taiwan's politics-economics power and wealth in the past 31 years.

“Wealth Magazine” is the most popular business magazine and owns the highest publication amount in Taiwan. Recording the rising history of Taiwan’s politics-economics power and wealth in these 31 years, it specially excels in tracing and investigating significant issues concerning the public benefits. It always reports and explores deeply the inside stories and truth of these issues, including politics-business relationships and its illegal benefit conveyance, ups and downs in officialdom, the key recipes of top 1000 business groups, stock market’s performance, financial market’s fluctuation trends, high-profit industries of electronic age, Hi-Tech star enterprises and business celebrities, etc..

By reading “Wealth Magazine”, you can understand quickly Taiwan’s management cases of industry world and operation reality of financial world in these 31 years. Its digital version, databank “Wealth Magazine” collects 273 issues, 31-year content (from the first issue published in 1974 to 2004), 26,000 articles, 60,000 celebrities, companies and political or economic institutions.